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AbilityPool provides a customized all-in-one platform for companies to collaborate with NGOs to create projects. With our features, you can create a corporate social environment and empower your employees by implementing their project ideas. AbilityPool helps you to increase your employee loyalty and social impact for a better corporate world.

What is AbilityPool?

AbilityPool is a digital platform that enables companies to manage volunteering experiences by discovering the different abilities of their own employees. On this platform, we bring members of a company together with volunteering projects, which are created by Non-Governmental Organizations or members of the company. The users may choose a project fitting their abilities, interests, time schedules, etc.

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Participation in volunteering projects
Project evaluations
Certificate and badge system
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Probono volunteering
Creating volunteering projects
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Company collaborations
Participant evaluation
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Our Blogs

the desire to volunteer in us helps us to touch the lives of people we do not know, to beautify their day, to learn and to teach. So what did we do as volunteers?
Biological, psychological and social development factors that form the basis of human life. This process, which starts from the moment of birth, continues throughout life. Each individual completes similar developmental stages in different ways.
Have you tried to touch and beautify the lives of others as much as you thought of improving your own quality of life? If you are taking action by thinking about world problems, thinking about country and society problems, congratulations, it means you have started working on social responsibility