October 30, 2021

In fact, the desire to volunteer in us helps us to touch the lives of people we do not know, to beautify their day, to learn and to teach. So what did we do as volunteers? Let this remain as one of the questions we ask ourselves, maybe we will remember what we did at the end of the article.

We already know what to do while we are all at home. If you thought we could do something about volunteering; We, as Abilitypool, invite you to come together online in order to protect and create the physical world, shine a light with our talent and competence in projects and events and take part in social responsibility projects that need us. This includes a translation, a video montage, social media management, laughter yoga and more. We know that everything will multiply when shared. With the slogan of share your talent, we invite you to tell what you know, to laugh a little and to sincerity .

We will support each other, empathize and get through these difficult times without losing hope. We will greet the sun again from our homes and windows

To the days when we will cause beautiful suns to rise in other hearts. By the way, we asked what we did as a volunteer last time. If you can't find it, you can join us by registering at abilitypool.com :)